September 1, 2016 admin

A Special Video for Senior Portraits

We’ve decided to offer a special video for senior portraits. It’s something that I don’t think any other photography is doing. We are creating what I like to call our Superstar Senior Films. These films are a personalized short that summarizes the session experience and show how awesome they are.

A Special Video for Senior Portraits

So far I’ve only made one of these, and it was sort of a trial experience. When we shot it, we were aiming more to show off what a session with us was like, so I was in the shoot more than normal. The real video will be focusing on the senior and really aim to create a fun experience.

One cool thing about the video is that it can be shared on Instagram. Most kids these days don’t go to other sites, but Instagram is a really quick and easy way to share it with friends. It also is going to have a photos mixed in, so people will be able to see how their photos turned out as well.

Bailey’s film

I’m really hoping these Superstar Senior Films catch on and everyone wants one. I know I personally would have loved to have something like this back when I was a senior. I will be shooting more soon, and I’ll make sure to post about each one.