November 1, 2017 admin

St. Catherine’s Wedding Ceremony Video: Celeste and Joshua

Like most people, we tend to get into a pattern and do the same thing over and over again. Well, occasionally we’ll be asked to do something brand new. It can be a bit scary, but it’s also an exciting challenge. That’s exactly what happened with Celeste and Joshua’s St. Catherine’s wedding ceremony video.

St. Catherine’s Wedding Ceremony Video

St. Catherine’s is a beautiful venue, but it does have some limitations when it comes to size. The stone chapel is really awesome, but it fits maybe 30-40 people. Well, Celeste really wanted to have the ceremony inside, but she had a ton of guests. To fix the problem, her closest people were inside, and everyone else, sat outside the chapel.

This fixed the space issue, but then a new problem came up. The people outside couldn’t really experience the ceremony. That’s where we came in. We were tasked with streaming a live video feed outside to a TV, so everyone could see.

Getting the live feed took some experimenting and thought. Not all cameras worked, so we had to find one that did. We ended up going with a camcorder instead of a DSLR. We then put a wireless mic on the pastor and connected it to the camera. Then, we just ran a cord from the camcorder all the way down and out to a TV.

Everything worked smoothly, so the people outside were able to watch Celeste and Joshua’s St. Catherine’s Wedding Ceremony Video. Also, we were able to record it while it was streaming, so they could have a copy of it as well. The whole process was a bit tricky, but I’m glad we figured it out.