November 29, 2017 admin

St. Joseph Wedding Ceremony: Dan and Jennifer

I’ve said this a lot of times, but I’m so proud of what we do, and I believe what we do is so important. We help capture and preserve memories for people. Dan and Jennifer got married early in 2016, and we were mainly hired to do photography. When we got closer to the ceremony date, Jennifer decided that she wanted us to film her St. Joseph Wedding Ceremony.

St. Joseph Wedding Ceremony: Dan and Jennifer

Normally when we film a wedding, we spend at least 4 hours there. For Dan and Jennifer, we just did the ceremony. This was mainly because there was a special situation. Jennifer’s mother was not going to be there, but Jennifer wanted a way for her to experience the ceremony. The photos would show what happened, but the wedding film would be the best way for her mother to experience it like she was there without being there.

St. Joseph Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony took place at St. Joseph’s so it was a Catholic wedding. We put cameras up where we could, but it was still a challenge to get a good shot of the couple. The angle was a tough one, so when everyone stood, we couldn’t really see them. Other times it worked out though. In the end, we still were able to create something that showed off the whole ceremony.

I know this was a tough situation for Jennifer, just like it would be for anyone. Everyone dreams of having their parents at their wedding. Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen. I’m so happy we were there to film their St. Joseph Wedding Ceremony. I know nothing can replace having her mother there, but I hope that it helped the situation at least a little bit.