February 7, 2017 admin

Star Wars Themed Wedding Film: Nathan and Sarah

Oh man, this wedding brings back memories. This was one of the very first wedding films I ever shot, and it had some great personality to it. This was a Star Wars Themed wedding film! Nathan and Sarah were all into those type things, and they showed it in every aspect of the wedding.

Star Wars Themed Wedding Film: Nathan and Sarah

Some of the details have escaped me because it’s been over three years since I shot this video, but I still remember the overall feeling of the day. The wedding was a small one, up at Devil’s Den state park. Up on the mountain, there’s this little pavilion that they rented out. It’s where everything took place. They decorated it with all types of memorabilia and it fit them. There were even Star Wars cookies. This was a laid back day, and the couple was really sweet.

The ceremony had an amazing backdrop. They had the ceremony right at the edge of the drop off, so you could see for miles. The weather was lovely as well, so it all mixed together perfectly.

After the ceremony, everyone just got together and hung out at the pavilion. It was relaxed like the rest of the day. They the Star Wars themed wedding film with nothing less than a lightsaber exit. A perfect way to end the day.