June 7, 2016 admin

Upcoming Videos and Behind the Scenes

We just finished up another big day of shooting with a styled shoot at The Ravington in Centerton. I’ve been focusing on this one for several months, so I’m pretty relieved that it’s all done. Now that it’s over, though, I realized how much editing we have ahead of us. There are a ton of videos that need to be put together, so be on the look out for our upcoming videos and behind the scenes videos.

Upcoming Videos and Behind the Scenes

Right now I think I’ve got three or four wedding films to finish. These will probably take the most time because they have a good 6 hours of footage from multiple cameras. Our films for weddings also are more involved so the editing will be more complex and we create multiple films.

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I’ve got a few other random projects on the back burner. We shot our first ever quinceanera, so that should be fun. About a month ago, I helped my father create a tutorial for woodworking. It should be pretty straightforward, but it’s still a day’s worth of footage to look through. Then there’s the Metsquerade event. We went around and shot footage of all the things happening. My goal is to create just a 2-4 minute summary of the event. The oldest project might be the most interesting. Last October I was at Crossfit 540 for their Wod Wars. I really need to get it put together so they can use it to promote this year’s event.

Besides that, I’ve got some personal projects left out there. I’ve had one of our videographers come to a few of our shoots to capture some behind the scenes action. Today was a big event for us with our styled shoot, so I had him there the whole time capturing the process. I think this will be a good summary of the day so all the vendors can share it. I’m also just looking to create a quick summary video for our photography site, so we can show people what a shoot with us is like.

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but this stuff is pretty exciting. I can’t wait for us to finish these and show off all these Upcoming Videos and Behind the Scenes. We’ll still be shooting new stuff, but I plan on knocking out a good chunk of this stuff during the weekdays. It’s a busy life, but it’s how we like it.