March 3, 2021 admin

Updating Our Wedding Film Website

Wow! It’s crazy how time flies and how things can fall behind. As some of you know, I’m a wedding photographer as well, and I spend the majority of my time focusing on the photography website. With that said, I took a look at this site about a month ago and realized it needed some updating.

Well, I started that process, and I ended up having to basically erase the majority of it and start over. That, of course, caused some problems and I’ve been working on fixing everything since then. As of now, I think the basics are back up and ready to go. The last part is making a page where I can share some of my favorite films from the past few years. There have been a lot, so it’s going to take some time going through and picking.

In the future, I plan on working on the site more and making sure it stays updated. Part of that will be blogging about weddings as they happen. Right now, the last wedding film I blogged was from back in 2018! Yep, I’m that far behind. I’m not sure if I will try to go back and cover the ones I missed or just start fresh with this year.

Anyway, I mainly wanted to write this post to let people know what’s going on. If you visited the page in the last month, you might have noticed all the craziness, and I apologize for that. Let’s hope I can keep things updated this time!