August 16, 2017 admin

Upgrade my Equipment with the Sony Trade in Deal

As I mentioned in a few different posts, I’m moving away from Canon and switching to Sony. I’ve already sold one Canon body and replaced it with a used Sony A7s, and I’m pretty impressed. Well, now I’m looking to Upgrade my Equipment with the Sony Trade in Deal and get another camera to be my main camera. I like the Sony A7s, but I’d like some more features, so I’m looking at the A7sii. Lucky for me, right now there is a Sony Trade in Deal, so I’m going to save some money!

Upgrade my Equipment with the Sony Trade in Deal

I have seen trade in deals before with other brands in the past. Basically you sell them an old camera and you get a bonus amount when you buy a new camera. They had this deal with the Nikon D5 first came out. Kind of wish I had jumped on it because my Nikon D3 died right after and now it just sits in my closet. Well, the Sony Trade in Deal is even better. You can sell basically any working digital camera and get an extra $300 toward A7R2 or A7Sii or $100 toward the A72.

This works great for me. I have collected a good chunk of cameras over the past 7 years or so. Many of which I still use, but I do have a Sony A58 that just sits in my closet. Honestly, I really haven’t used it that much since I bought it, so it’s pretty much new, but it does nothing for me. I’m really excited to see that this camera can work with the Sony Trade in Deal, and I’d get close to $200 for it plus the $300 bonus. I never would have thought that camera could get me around $500 at this point. I think when I bought it 4 years ago, it was around $1000. That’s a pretty good turn around after all of those years.

Well, I’m about to head off to my local camera shop to upgrade my Equipment with the Sony Trade in Deal. If you are looking to get some new Sony equipment, maybe the A9, now would be a great time to make that move. Sell off some of your old gear and save some extra money!