May 8, 2017 admin

Video is the Future for Small Businesses

Video has been an important part of marketing for years and years. Just think at all the commercials you see in one day alone. I don’t know the exact number, but I’m guessing in a 30 minute show, you probably watch 5-7 different videos. These videos influence your spending and that business will either thrive or die. For the longest time, only the big companies with a lot of money could afford to make videos. Today, things are so different. Now everyone can make a video if they really want to. Video is the future for small businesses, so get ready!

Video is the Future for Small Businesses

Video is everywhere now. If you simply scroll through your Facebook feed, you’ll see that about half of the content is video now. That’s because people like videos and people are creating their own videos now. You’ve got Facebook Live, so you can stream what you are currently doing and interact with your friends/fans. I’ve seen a lot of this lately, and people are using it to make money. There are several people that are selling makeup, so they simply do a live broadcast showing how to apply it. Boom, sales. Do you do Facebook ads? Video would be great for this. If making a real video scares you, you can technically make a video from photos you’ve taken.

If you’re not into Facebook, there are plenty of other options as well. Of course there is YouTube, and that can be a great way for building your business. This would be a great place to post tons of videos so people can see all of them instead of just the one you share in your feed.

Hopefully you can see the value in having video for your small business. Most people, though, are still overwhelmed and scared. My suggestion is to start simple. You don’t need a big budge or fancy equipment. Many people just use their phone or built in webcam. This is a great way to start out. After that, the next step might be to simply add some lighting and audio equipment to up the production value. From there you can get multiple cameras and possibly even someone to film you. Just recently, I shot a construction video with my father using three cameras and a mic. About ten years ago this type of production would have cost probably $5000 or more. I did it all by myself and it didn’t cost nearly that much.

Video is here. If you have a small business and you aren’t doing it, you need to start right now. This could be the difference maker that explodes your business and really makes the different. Video is the future for small businesses, so go get it!