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Videographers Need the Drone Pilot License

As some of you probably saw, I bought a Mavic Pro drone back around Christmas time. I’ve had a few chances to try it out, and it’s a lot of fun and can create some amazing video. There are still plenty of things I need to figure out, and I definitely need to get better at my flying skills, but there’s one thing that’s more important than anything else: I need to get a license. Actually most videographers need the drone pilot license.

Videographers Need the Drone Pilot License

Yes, that’s right, just like for driving, there is a license to fly a drone. It makes sense though. Cars are big dangerous machines and drones can be really dangerous too. It’s a flying piece of metal. It could easily run into something or come crashing down on to someone. There are plenty of videos of people wrecking these things.

So, does everyone have to have a license to fly one? From what I understand, no. Only people that use a drone to make money are required to get a license, but I could see that changing in the future with how popular they are. That pretty much means all videographers unless they’re just playing around with it and never use it for a client.

Videographers Need the Drone Pilot License

Do all videographers have a license? Nope. It’s a hard thing to enforce, so many videographers use drones without a license. It’s not like there are drone police out there. People usually only get in trouble when they crash a drone into something and then the insurance or police are involved.

As of right now I’ve been flying mine around without a license, but I haven’t used it for a paying gig yet. I’d rather not get in trouble, though, so I plan on getting my license as soon as possible. It looks like all I have to do is pass a test, so I will start studying in the next few weeks and plan a time to take it.

All make sure to write an update as soon as I take the test with info on how hard it was and what all was involved to help others out there that plan on getting the license.

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