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Do You Watch Your Wedding Video?

A wedding video is often a last minute thought for a bride. They’ve got all the things that they consider essential and then they consider getting a wedding video. The most common objection I hear from couples is that they don’t think they will watch the video that often. So the question for the day is, do you watch your wedding video? 

Do You Watch Your Wedding Video?

Honestly I think the answer to that question varies and depends on a lot of things. I know throughout the years I have heard both sides of the story. Actually, just a few days ago I ran into one of our past brides. We started randomly talking about things and she shared some things with me that I didn’t know. She told me she was really disappointed in her photographer and that they had basically done nothing with their wedding photos. The video, on the other hand, they loved and they still watched. I hated that their photo experience wasn’t better, but it made me happy that we created something good for them.

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How Good is the Quality of the Wedding Video?

So, the first thing I think to consider is the quality of the video. When I got married almost 12 years ago, we just had a friend hold a camcorder at the back of the church. There was no other angles, no footage from the rest of the day, and no editing. The video we had was shaky, the color and exposure was awful, and the audio was pretty much nonexistent. Have we ever watched it? Not that I’m aware of. It’s like what I said in the DIY wedding video article, it’s easy to use a phone to record things, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be good or people will want to watch it.

How Long is the Wedding Video?

The next thing I think that effects things is the length of the video. People have short attention spans. Many of you have already zoned out in this article already. Wedding videos that are 20-30 minutes or longer will be only watched a few times. Wedding videos that are 1-5 minutes though will be a lot easier for someone to sit through. People are much more likely to give you a few minutes versus half an hour. For us, we offer a few different videos. We give a full ceremony video just so people have a record of the event. It’s probably not the most popular video. We also deliver a 1 minute teaser and a 5-8 minute film. These two are the ones I expect to be watched a ton.

Do You Watch Your Wedding Video?

What Format is the Wedding Video in?

The last thing to consider is the delivery format. About 6 months ago I was rummaging through my attic when I came across my senior football video. I got pretty nostalgic and wanted to watch it. It was a VHS, but lucky for me, I still had a player sitting in the attic as well. I got it all plugged in and ready to go, but then the machine wouldn’t work. I was so sad! Now I have these memories just sitting there with no way to watch them. The same thing can happen to your wedding video. Formats will change over time and you need to have multiple formats or find one that can be easily changed as technology evolves. Right now we offer a Blu-Ray and digital files.

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It’s kind of sad that when people ask me, do you watch your wedding video, I have to say no. It’s one of my biggest regrets. I wish I could go back and hire someone to create a professional wedding video for me. Well, if you’re considering hiring a wedding videographer I hoped this article helped you understand why someone might watch or not watch their video.