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Wedding Film at Fairlane Station: Kylie and Derrick

Life is so interesting. Some people don’t believe in fate, but I’ve seen too many things line up and happen to not believe that things are happening for a reason. Kylie and Derrick’s wedding film at Fairlane Station was one of those situations.

Wedding Film at Fairlane Station: Kylie and Derrick

It all started when I randomly attended an open house at Fairlane Station. Some photographers had taken over running the place, so I wanted to meet them and see how things would be run now. Anyway, so there weren’t many people there, and I actually stood around doing nothing the majority of the time, but something special did happen.

A mother and the bride were there, and they came up to me. The mother asked my name. Turns out her father is a great family friend, someone I was around a lot as a child. He had this trailer up in Branson, and our family would take trips there and always stay in his trailer. Without his help, I’m sure we wouldn’t have been able to afford nearly as many trips.

After talking to them for awhile, I found out that they had a photographer, but video wasn’t really in there budget. Her grandfather had done so much for me as a child that I decided to do their wedding film for free.

wedding film at Fairlane Station

I didn’t really know the couple, but I still enjoyed being part of their wedding day. Both Kylie and Derrick were extremely kind to me, and they made things easy. The wedding was a bunch of fun. I think my favorite part was the speeches. Sounds like Derrick use to be quite the handful back in the day. There was also a ton of dancing and everyone seemed to be extremely happy!

The film is a little different than what we normally do. She really just wanted the ceremony and the main events, so we just lined them all up for her to see.

I’m so glad I could help out Kylie and Derrick with their wedding film at Fairlane Station. It’s strange to think that if I hadn’t gone that night or if her mom hadn’t approached me, none of this would have happened. Fate, I’m telling you!