February 13, 2017 admin

Wedding Film at Stables on the Hills: Caleb and Lindley

Caleb and Lindley’s wedding was amazing. I knew the family from back in the day, so it was a pleasure to be part of it. Their wedding film at Stables on the Hills was one of the first wedding videos I shot and the first time I had been at that venue, so it was special to me.

Wedding Film at Stables on the Hills: Caleb and Lindley

If you’ve never been to the Stables on the Hills, you need to check it out. The venue is located out away from everything on a big plot of land. In the center, you have the stables where the receptions usually take place, and then around that, you have land and areas for horses. It’s a very pretty location.

The thing that sticks out the most for me from this wedding was the personalities. There were so many strong and interesting personalities there. Lindley and the girls were very upbeat and happy, and the guys were just crazy. Lindley’s two brothers were just making me laugh all night long. They were almost like performers for the night. They made jokes and were on the dance floor the entire night. I was entertained the entire time.

Summers cinematic from Bryan Striegler on Vimeo.

Since then, I’ve shot at least one other wedding film at Stables on the Hills, Lauren’s. It’s been several years since Caleb and Lindley’s but I still can remember how crazy and fun that day was.