August 23, 2017 admin

Wedding Video at 21C Museum: Jessica and Cody

A good amount of the time we are working in places that are made solely for weddings, but occasionally we get to go somewhere special and shoot in some really cool places. For Jessica and Cody, we got to shoot their wedding video at 21C Museum in Bentonville. It was a special night!

Wedding Video at 21C Museum: Jessica and Cody

21C is an extremely popular and modern museum and hotel here in Bentonville. Art is everywhere. Outside they have this crazy basketball statue and their own car covered with pennies. Inside, they have art in the lobby and on each floor of the hotel. They also have all of these green, plastic penguins floating around all over the place. I don’t know if they’re considered art, but they sure are interesting and fun.

Jessica and Cody are a really fun couple, and their whole wedding day was the same. The ceremony was in this long hallway where they have these cool paper pieces floating and several exhibitions on the wall. It was a very cool to have the ceremony surrounded in all that art. Afterwards, the reception was held in a room that connected to that hall. All they had to do was slide a panel and we were there. The reception was full of dancing, glow sticks, a Tabasco cake, and of course, green penguins.

Jessica Movie Trailer from Bryan Striegler on Vimeo.

So far this has been the only Wedding Video at 21C Museum for us. I’m really hoping we get to go back and do more in the future. It’s such a different venue than what we are use to, and that is always exciting. So glad Jessica and Cody let us experience it.