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Is a Wedding Video Necessary?

There are certain things that are just expected for a wedding like a white dress, wedding photography, and cake. These things are going to be at 99% of all weddings, and it would be considered strange if they weren’t. There are other things, though, which are more optional like a DJ, a wedding coordinator, or a groom’s cake. People often wonder since they already have a wedding photographer, “Is a wedding video necessary?” I’ve heard a lot of different opinions, but I’ll put my side out there today.

Is a Wedding Video Necessary?

Yes, wedding photography is extremely important, and I’d put it in the top 3 things I bride should worry about. Photos are going to be the one thing that lasts and be how you remember the wedding day, but it’s not the only way to remember the day. Wedding videos are a great supplement to wedding photography because they capture the day in a different way and can capture things that photography can’t. That’s why I consider wedding videos a great idea.

Photos capture a static moment, but videos capture movement. It’s great to be able to see a certain moment froze in time, but life isn’t really like that. We see everything in movement from day to day, so there’s something about being able to see that movement in a video. It’s great to see a picture of the bouquet being tossed or the first dance, but it’s a whole different experience with the movement. Another part of movement with video is movement with the camera itself. You can create some interesting shots by adding movement with the camera. You can use a slider to move and reveal something or you can use a Glidecam to fly up to the couple or around them. All of this just creates movement that photos can’t.

Probably the biggest plus of video is being able to capture audio, the words people say. So much of the big day is about the spoken words: the chatting between friends, the vows at the ceremony, and the speeches at the reception. These words are often missed in the moment because the bride and groom are so overwhelmed with all the things going on. I know I can’t remember a single thing said during our ceremony or during the speeches. A wedding video allows those important words to be captured and experienced again and again. For us, these words are so important we use them to narrate our entire video.

When asked, “Is a Wedding Video Necessary?” I won’t usually just come out and say yes. Instead, I usually come back with a question of my own: Do you want to remember all of the most important day of your life or just small parts of it? Wedding photography is super important, but I would highly suggest adding a wedding video as well.

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