March 8, 2017 admin

Where to Get Music for Wedding Videos

Anytime you start something new, there is a transition time where you are having to learn a lot of things. As time goes on, the amount of things you don’t know becomes less and less. When I first started making wedding videos, there were plenty of things I didn’t know. I focused mainly on how to shoot and capture audio. I figured those were the most important things. After that, I learned the basics of editing. One thing I was ignorant to was where to get music for wedding videos.

Where to Get Music for Wedding Videos

Unknown to me at the time and probably most beginning film makers is that there is a right and a wrong way of using music for films. You can’t simply use any song that you find in your possession. Even if you paid for it at one point in time, you still have to have permission to use a song. There are a few ways of going about that. One would be to reach out to the artist and try to get permission. In most cases this isn’t going to work or they are going to ask for a large sum of money. The other way is to go through a company that licenses music for you. This is the legal way.

There are two companies I use for my licensed music for wedding videos: SongFreedom and TripleScoop. These are two of the biggest companies out there, but I’m sure there are plenty of other options. Both companies have great music choices and are, in my opinion, worth the cost, but they do things differently. SongFreedom sells you a song for a certain amount of uses, either 1 or 4 for a discounted rate. TripleScoop, on the other hand, costs more up front, but you can use the song as many times as you like. There are some requirements and restrictions with each, so make sure you read up on those.

Now there are free options out there for music, but from my experience it’s harder to find music I like. I think the biggest issue is that everyone can put his or her music up there, so you have to wade through hundreds of songs. For me, I know where to get music for wedding videos and that’s those two sites. It might cost me some money, but it saves me time, and the final product is better. At least that’s one thing off my list of things to learn for wedding videos. I still have plenty other on my list.