December 29, 2017 admin

Whitney Mountain Lodge Wedding Video: Taylor and Donvian

What a beautiful day! There were so many amazing things about Taylor and Donivan’s Whitney Mountain Lodge Wedding Video. First of all, the venue was just gorgeous. We had such a great view of the lake and the mountain. Then you had all the beautiful relationships and emotions. So glad we were part of it. 

Whitney Mountain Lodge Wedding Video: Taylor and Donvian

Oh man, I love this family! I’ve worked with so many of the family members and friends in the past. Some of the time it’s been photography and others it’s been videography. Either way, it’s always a fun and exciting time! Feel free to check out Heather’s wedding video or Candace’s wedding photos.

Taylor and Donivan are a really fun couple. They have such an interesting personality. They’re relatively quiet, but there’s definitely a goofy, fun side hiding underneath. I already knew this from their engagement session, but this showed best during the first look. While Taylor was walking up to Donivan, her veil was getting in her way, so she gave it this funny toss, and then she tripped. Some girls would freak out. She just recovered and started laughing. I just felt like that really showed who they were.

Whitney Mountain Lodge Wedding Video

The whole day was fun, but the dancing was what really stuck out to me. There was a really emotional father/daughter dance. The father was crying, and several of the relatives were crying in the back ground as well. Then, there was some really crazy dancing going on afterwards. Taylor brought her family in for their own special dance, and then there was just a free for all on the dance floor after that.

These guys make my life so easy. They are so fun to be around and are so laid back about everything. Taylor and Donivan’s Whitney Mountain Lodge Wedding Video was one of the first times we used a drone as well, so that was awesome! It was just a great day with great people, and we captured a lot of memories. Can’t wait till the next one!