July 7, 2016 admin

WOD Wars 3 2015 Summary Video

It’s almost that time again; time for Crossfit 540’s WOD Wars. This year’s event will be coming up October 29th, so I thought I would finally get around to putting together the WOD Wars 2015 Summary Video. We were there mainly for photos, but I randomly switched things up and would shoot some video here and there. It wasn’t the best video job on my part, but it at least shows off the event.

WOD Wars 2015 Summary Video

The 2015 WOD Wars theme was pretty cool. It was Beasts vs. Ninjas, and they even had the wall painted to match it. The events were position around the strong guys (beasts) and the smaller, more endurance based guys (ninjas), so the teams had to choose carefully who did what.

The place was packed. I don’t know how many people were there, but there really wasn’t much room at all. I bet they sold out the event really quickly. The people and teams were really diverse. You had some that you could tell were really serious about competing, and then some that wore funny outfits and were in it more for the camaraderie.

WOD Wars 2015 Summary Video burpees with teammate WOD Wars 2015 Summary Video speed rope WOD Wars 2015 Summary Video jump rope WOD Wars 2015 Summary Video watching team compete

Out of all the events that I can remember, my favorite involved this structure they made outside. They built this obstacle out of big round PVC pipes. Basically you had to climb over one and then go under the next. This was the end part after running a half mile I believe. I think that would have been my event to excel in.


There’s a possibility I will have a wedding on the 29th and miss WOD Wars 4. If not, I will be there for sure. Crossfit is an interesting world, and the events are just as exciting. Hopefully our WOD Wars 2015 Summary Video will give you a slight glimpse into this awesome event. If you have nothing else going on or do Crossfit, you need to be there for WOD Wars 4.