November 8, 2017 admin

Bradford and Lisa’s Fayetteville Wedding Ceremony Film

We all have things that we can offer to others, ways to help. I feel like what I do is special because I am helping people with a very important day. Occasionally I find a couple and like to do something special for them. Bradford and Lisa are great friends of my brother, and he was actually going to be the officiant for their wedding ceremony. I had already been hired to photograph everything, but I wanted to do more, so we gifted them a film as well. I was so happy to help them with a Fayetteville wedding ceremony film.

Bradford and Lisa’s Fayetteville Wedding Ceremony Film

This wedding ceremony was so awesome! Bradford and Lisa are amazing people on their own, but they had some other really cool things. One, the ceremony was in their friends house/courtyard. Bradford is an architect and this house was really cool. The courtyard wasn’t gigantic and there was a pool, so we setting up cameras was a bit tough. We managed to get a few good side angles and one from up top. Two, this was the first time my brother officiated a ceremony. He’s a real funny guy and he made the ceremony special for the couple. I’m so glad I got to record all the things he said.

Fayetteville wedding ceremony film

We only shot video for the ceremony, but I’m so glad we still did that much. A wedding ceremony is a special thing, but I think for Bradford and Lisa, this Fayetteville wedding ceremony film is going to be something they go back and watch for years to come.