September 19, 2017 admin

Katie and Brandon’s Creekwood Gardens Wedding Video

I got to do a lot of fun things for Katie and Brandon. We photographed their engagement and bridal photos, and we even created an engagement video. We’ve only done a few of those, so it was pretty special. Their Creekwood Gardens Wedding video was also beautiful and fun, but that’s what we had grown to expect. One other fun fact, it was my birthday!

Katie and Brandon’s Creekwood Gardens Wedding Video

It was hot, but it was also really beautiful. Creekewood Gardens has the creeks, of course, but it also has big trees and open fields.

Creekwood Gardens Wedding Video

Before the ceremony we had some special events. We had a first look between the father and the bride. Then, we had a blindfolded meeting between Katie and Brandon. Some people like to do the holding the hands around a corner thing, but this allowed them to be closer and interact more.

The ceremony was outside in the front area. This area is a little more shaded and also has an arbor. The back area is more of just an open field. What really stuck out to me is that they wrote personal vows. I always love when they do that. It’s so much more personal and emotional than just reciting what everyone says.

The reception was right by the ceremony site. That’s one of the cool things about Creekwood Gardens. You can do everything in a close vicinity. The cake had really cool flower details all around the bottom, and the groom’s cake was designed like a suit. It kind of looked like a heart shape, but I have no idea if that was intentional or not.

Katie and Brandon’s Creekwood Garden’s Wedding Video was a fun way to celebrate my birthday. I kind of wish I could do that every year, but unfortunately my birthday isn’t always on a Saturday. Well, I guess I can just hope for more in the future.