October 12, 2017 admin

Matt Lane Farm Wedding Film: Lauren and JT

Oh man, you want to talk about personality and fun! We have it for you today. Lauren and JT’s Matt Lane Farm wedding film is full of characters, from the bride and groom to the wedding party and guests.

Matt Lane Farm Wedding Film: Lauren and JT

I usually talk about the whole wedding day, like the details and anything interesting that might have happened during the ceremony, but today, I’m going to focus on the reception because there was so much going on!

Matt Lane Farm Wedding Film

As I mentioned in the intro, there were personalities galore. The wedding day was the first time I met JT, and I instantly liked him. He just has this glowing personality. His groomsmen were hilarious too! When they were introduced to the reception, they had all take off the dress shirts and were wearing different superhero shirts. The father of the bride even had one on!

funny wedding party photo in front of Matt Lane FarmCalling the hogs at a wedding

There was so many fun things at this wedding. They had food trucks, a photo booth, and dancing! The brothers of the bride decided to give a speech and it was embarrassing but also funny and full of love. That’s what you get with older brothers. Before they cut the cake, they decided to have everyone call the hogs; that was a first. The garter toss was also a blast. JT danced all around her before he went after it. Besides all of that, there was glow stick dancing and then a glow stick exit. What a blast!

Not every wedding is fun and crazy like this, and I don’t expect them to be, but Lauren and JT’s Matt Lane Farm Wedding Film was just packed with it! I hope the film shows how great it was!