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St. Anthony on the Creeks wedding film: Lauren and Tyler

If you’ve watched our films, the bride, Lauren, might look familiar. That’s because we filmed her sister’s wedding back when we were first getting started. That makes me so happy when we get to work with a family again. That means they were so happy with what we did the first time that they wanted to use us again, and also, I just love getting to reconnect with people I know. This was a great day to see some old friends and to make some new ones with Lauren and Tyler’s St. Anthony on the Creeks wedding film.

St. Anthony on the Creeks wedding film: Lauren and Tyler

We started off the day with some real fun. We got there right when the bridesmaids were opening up their gifts. Lauren picked out personal things for each one and added special notes.

We also did something that was a first. Lauren had written a note to Tyler, and we had her read the letter, so we could use it in the film. We then filmed her writing the note and him reading it. It’s a really cool way to capture her feelings if they aren’t doing personal vows.

From my experience at the last wedding, I knew Lauren’s father would be pretty emotional. He held up pretty well while walking her down the aisle, but the father/daughter dance got him.

There were some fun details and a lot of dancing, but the groom’s cake sticks out in my mind. I say cake, but really it was a cookie cake, and that’s why I remember it. I love cookie cake and I think it’s awesome that Tyler had that. I think I’ve only seen a cookie cake at one other wedding.

St. Anthony on the Creeks wedding film

Lauren and Tyler ended the night with their own personal last dance while everyone got ready for the exit. Right afterwards, they exited to everyone pelting them with rice.

Lauren and Tyler’s St. Anthony’s on the Creek wedding film had a different feel than her sister’s, but they were both awesome. I’m so thrilled that I got to be part of both. My only regret is that there aren’t more sisters in the family!